Automotive Engineering Services

Animating Autos

Helping craft next generation automobiles while supporting you at every stage of design and production.

Our assorted services cover all the interior and exterior trims with benchmarking, concept development, ergonomics evaluation, operations study, product integration and CAD design support.

One stop shop for product ideas

Expertise in all stages of design under one roof where we deliver with precision, efficiency and reliability.

Product Design

Benchmarking and concept development to manufacturing

Mold design
Mold flow

We help in preventing errors and enhancing the product efficiency

Our Process

Special processes based on our experience and insights, to provide impeccable technical support, and ensure quality production. Creative solutions for the peculiar challenges of the automotive industry.

Process Study

Concept Design

Design Validation


Modeling and Detailing


Trial and Troubleshoot


Design Verification

Product Design and Development

Benchmarking and concept development to manufacturing is our wide spectrum of operations. Our umbrella of services will cover all the needs at every stage of product design and development.

System and Subsystem Experience

Interior and Exterior trims

Interior and Exterior trims

Interiors TRIMS
  • Instrument Panel
  • Door Panel
  • Console
  • Pillars
EXterior TRIMS
  • Bumper
  • Grills
  • Fenders
  • Roof System
  • Tank Cover Module
  • Spoilers

Our Bouquet of Services

  • Product Engineering
    • Benchmarking and concept development
    • Ergonomics and Operations study
    • Product or system design validation
    • Defining fixing and locating strategy
    • Cockpit and airbag integration
    • Outlining Bill of Material
  • CAD Design
    • Detailed design and GD&T drawing
    • Class A surface feasibility study
    • Assembly sequence definition
    • Developing master sections
    • Study of crash and safety regulations
    • Packaging and vehicle architecture
  • Product Development
    • Vehicle build support
    • Prototype build support
    • OTS trial support
    • DFMEA, DVP and TDM definition
    • Tolerance stack up
    • Process and tooling feasibility


We help in preventing errors and enhancing the product efficiency. Our precisely designed processes discover defects in design geometry at an early stage. It prevents expensive errors and saves costs.

  • A strong experience in executing Turnkey projects
  • An expert team of engineers with a hands-on tool designing and manufacturing experience
  • Wide ranging services from designing to manufacturing solutions
  • Providing cost benefit by using techniques that reduce the cost of a product during its entire life-cycle.